ABB Day 23 – Tuscaloosa to Prattville

Tuscaloosa 43880
Rose showing me how to ride the rollercoaster.

One of the disadvantages of riding so far and so fast each day is that there’s little time for anything other than cycling (and eating and sleeping). The southern states are rolling by in a blush (a cross between blur and lush)  of greens under cumulonimbus skies so I’m determined once the trip is over to learn a little about the towns we’ve passed through and fill in the intellectual gaps.

One of the other disadvantages is that one’s backside takes a beating. Without going into too much detail I have a rear that’s beginning to resemble that of a baboon. Apparently the red is sexually attractive to other baboons. I know we’re related to these old world monkeys and share 91% of our DNA but there’s nothing remotely sexy about my arse (or ass as they say over here). Is there?

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