Life is short. The road is long. So my aim is simple: to keep pedalling until my legs won’t turn. Between now and then I’d like to cover at least 250,000 miles. I’m enjoying the ride. I hope you enjoy the read.

Richard Uridge
Ludlow, Shropshire

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Richard.
    I’m a copywriter and songwriter.
    I’m a bit lost with the first one at the moment. The second one would be going great guns but I can’t justify spending much time on it.
    I found your blog from looking at copywriting courses. I thought doing a course might be a worthwhile expense in finding some direction or reigniting some passion in my career. Anything to get out of the flat to be honest!
    So, let’s have it. Will ‘Writing For The Web’ deliver unto me what I’m looking for?*

    * I realise this is a bit of an unfair question

    1. Hey Rich. Well I’m bound to say yes aren’t I?! But in all seriousness I really think it will (and I’m not just saying that). Thinking back to some of the delegates who have attended previous courses it was the fact that the day got them thinking creatively (in part because of the cross fertilisation of ideas between delegates) that they really valued. If you still need to be persuaded I’ll see if I can put you in touch with somebody who can vouch for the quality of our training. It won’t exactly be an unsolicited testimonial but I’ll be a bit more objective than I am capable of. Hope to see you soon. And thanks for your interest in ACM Training.

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